Just a reminder to our clients that at Evoque Slimming & Lash Spa we have a new SHR IPL machine optimised for totally pain-free hair removal as well as skin rejuvenation. The following BLOG explains how the machine is used for skin rejuvenation.

Super Hair Removal Intense Pulsed Light (SHR IPL) technology, as well as being useful for removal of body hair, can also be used to correct a variety of skin conditions, such as undesired pigmentation, facial skin imperfections, blemishes and various signs of ageing such as age spots, sun-induced freckles, photo-ageing and broken capillaries.

IPL works on the principle that light energy is absorbed by particular target cells with colour in the skin. The light energy is converted to heat energy, which causes damage to the specific target area. The natural processes of the body then remove the injured tissue giving the skin a more even and youthful appearance.

In a 2004 article in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, by researchers from Cornell University, on photorejuvenation with Intense Pulsed Light, the researchers stated: “In conclusion, IPL treatment is an effective non-invasive, non-ablative method for rejuvenating photo-aged skin with minimal adverse events, no downtime, excellent long-term results, and a very high measure of patient satisfaction.”  These so-called “non-ablative” treatments work by heating up the targeted tissue, without actually destroying it and this stimulates the production of collagen by the body to fill in undesired skin imperfections such as wrinkles or fine lines.

SHR IPL rejuvenation.