Fat Cavitation Perth Talks About Mila!

Fat Cavitation Perth is the place to get your MILA.

Fat Cavitation Perth is the place to get your MILA.

Fat cavitation Perth is one of the main outlets for Mila in Perth, so we thought why not write a series of blogs about it?

Our journey with Mila began last year while we were searching for a food source that was proven to get results in kids that come under the umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorder. We found that this food source had fantastic results for the young one and very soon noticed that there was a change in parts of the behaviour. Since then we have used it ourselves and find that it is great for general well being.

Mila is a super food that is based on the ancient Chia seed. The Chia seed is from the Sage family and these white and black seeds have a massive nutrietional value. So much so that the chia seed has been rediscovered by elite athletes, people in the wellness industries and those peole that are serious about their health.

Mila is a blend of chia seeds from aroung the world. It is not from Genetically modified crops, is gluten free, has no trans fats at all, is sugar free and is an excellent source of plant based protein and fibre. When you break down the results for a gram x gram analysis of Mila when compared to other foods, the results will impress you. Lets look:

Mila has:

15 x more Magnesium than the Broccoli you get from the supermarket.

6 x more Calcium than regular milk.

3 x more Iron that the green leaf vegetable Spinach.

2 x more Fibre than the bran flakes tha you eat for breakfast.

2 x more Potassium than the Bananas you get form the local shop.

4 x more Selenium than you can find in a Flax seed.

5 x more protein than Kidney beans

8 x more Omega 3 than found in wild Salmon.

9 x more phosphorus than milk

With all the extra nutrients that are in the Mila food, you can see why it is seen as a important part of people’s lives.

Food these days come from soils that are depleted of nutrients due to the fact that they have been over farmed and not allowed to replenish. For example, in Perth, Western Australia, the soils here are low in essential trace elements. the fruit and veg grows but they do not get the opportunity to absorb the essential minerals and trace elements that would normally be found in the soil.



Fat Cavitation Perth Talks About Mila!.