fat cavitation perth“In aesthetic medicine, the most promising techniques for non-invasive

body sculpturing purposes are based on ultrasound-induced fat

cavitation” 1

These days many of us look for safe and comfortable, non-invasive treatments when we consider body sculpting or fat reducing treatments. Minimal downtime is also an important thing to consider. Recent reviews have confirmed that there is now a clear trend towards non-invasive fat removal technologies away from the more traditional treatments such as liposuction 2.

The fat cavitation treatment works in much the same way as the ultrasonic pre-natal monitoring procedure carried out during pregnancy. However, the fat cavitation procedure, while also using a similar applicator that is moved around with the aid of gel, uses ultrasonic waves of a certain frequency which heat up and vibrate the targeted fat cells; these fat cells absorb the ultrasonic energy and rupture. The released fluids (triglycerides) are then removed by the body’s natural processes. The procedure is completely painless with zero downtime.

The fat reducing treatment can be used to target problem areas around your arms, thighs and tummy/mid-section. Results that can be expected are skin tightening, a measurable reduction in treated area/body circumference, reduced cellulite and a slimmer appearance. Some amount of reduction in circumference of treated area is invariably apparent even after the initial treatment. To achieve optimal results, in terms of weight reduction or slimming, a client may need 6 to 12 sessions depending on the body part (or parts) being treated. A healthy diet, staying well hydrated and a sensible exercise plan should help to maintain the benefits of fat cavitation between treatments and beyond.

“Non-invasive body contouring now represents the fastest growing area of aesthetic medicine.” 3



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