Far Infra Red Technology And How It Compliments Ultrasonic Cavitation.

 Ultrasonic Cavitation and Far Infra Red Technology helped to smooth out the Cellulite on the tummy.

Ultrasonic Cavitation and Far Infra Red Technology helped to smooth out the Cellulite on the tummy.

With the vast array of Cellulite reducing or smoothing treatments that are available to people that are looking to lose weight, or change the texture of the cellulite that they have, I want to look at how other forms of treatments can also compliment the use of Ultrasonic Cavitation in the reduction and smoothing of Cellulite, as well as aid in weight loss.

Far Infra Red technology has been established for over 30+ years and was originally designed to deal with pain management. One of the positive side effects is that it helps in the breakdown and removal of fat cells from the body. Though our own research and testing  at Fat Cavitation Perth we have found that the use of this far infra red technology aids and benefits those that are having Ultrasonic Cavitation treatments. No other salon has seen this benefit yet, and it is only being used by us.
The secret lies in the details of how the far infra red is designed to work. With infra red technology being able to penetrate under the skin and create cellular activity, it increases the temperature of the skin and just below the surface of the skin. This is a very important detail  that not many salons will disclose – simply because they don’t know. Once the ultrasonic cavitation has been completed and the fat cells have been liquefied, the body needs to burn up the energy that has been released into the body. The far infra red technology will allow for the increase in the temperature of the skin and this increase in the temperature of that region will allow for the body to remove the waste products. The secret part of this that for Ultrasonic Cavitation to be completely effective, you have to exercise with in 6 hours of the treatment so that the body can burn off the fat cells that have been turned into glycerides through the cavitation process.
The system that has been created through the testing and examination of the far infra red technology and ultrasonic cavitation working together has highlighted to us that the greater success is achieved by combining the both treatments in a series. Usually this is done through the Fat Cavitation – Ultrasonic Cavitation – treatment being done first on the areas that you want to have treated. Once the process is complete and you as the client have completed the first stage, the staff at the salon will then move you to the far infra red – or Formostar – machine. You will be wrapped by the staff in the silicone bandages and then left to relax as the warming of the bandages flows through to the body.The treatment goes for around 50 minutes and will help to burn up 1200+ calories (5000 Kilojoules) …
~ 20 minutes of power yoga (about 1/3 the length of a typical yoga class) burns only 125 calories.
~ A jog on a treadmill or on flat terrain for 15 minutes burns 130 calories

~ Vacuuming for 30 minutes burns about 90 calories, the same amount you’d burn in 15 minutes of kick boxing.
~ Scrubbing the bath for 30 minutes burns about 200 calories.

It is the ability to work these two different treatments together so that they work  in unison that makes a ultrasonic cavitation treat program work so well.

Far Infra Red Technology And How It Compliments Ultrasonic Cavitation..