Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Fat Cavitation Perth – Deposits for your Appointment & Cancellation Policy:

Evoque Body Firming and Lash Spa appreciates your choice to attend your beauty requirements. Being that Evoque work on appointment only basis, the team set aside time specifically for your custom tailored treatments when you book an appointment. As they hold the room and therapist exclusively for your visit, denying others this space, an appointment deposit will be required by all guests to secure appointments. Minimum 24 hours notice must be given to reschedule or cancel appointments. Cancelations have to be done via phone.

We all understand that things occur in life that we all have little control over, however if Evoque cannot fill your place within short notice they will need to apply 100% cancellation fee. Any voucher’s being used will be forfeited in full. Any treatment prepaid will be voided (including off a package).

Failure to arrive to your scheduled treatment time / appointments will unfortunately result in application of full fee or void any vouchers. Evoque will charge a no-show fee of 100% and future appointments will need to be prepaid and organised at the discretion of Evoque. By making appointments with Evoque you are agreeing to these terms.


Whilst we love kids (and a parent myself) we respectfully request NO children in the salon…This is to ensure they are kept safe, that your therapist can then concentrate 100% on you and your treatment, and that every guest within our salon is not interrupted. It is against health and safety obligations to have children in the salon. If you arrive with your children without prior discussion with management your treatment may be refused with full cost owing – We thank you for your consideration, co-operation and understanding.


Arriving on time for your Cavitation / Laser Lipo treatment is important to ensure your treatment time is not cut down, to ensure maximum results for you.

Being as super hydrated as possible will maximise your very own results…Drink up!!

Arriving to your appointment:

Please arrive with 10 minutes to spare for your appointment. This allows for you to start to unwind, relax and enjoy your time there.
As the therapist and room have been held especially for you – Arriving late to appointments requires your therapist to shorten your appointment time so clients following you are not held up. Full fees will still be applicable therefore it really is in your best interest & comfort to be on time, unfortunately additional time cannot be given to clients who arrive late to their appointment.

Mobile Phones

Evoque requests that all mobile phones are switched off or to silent whilst you visit. They want your time within Evoque to be a break away from your busy day. All guests at Evoque want to be able to relax and have some special time out and not have to listen to someone else’s phone call or lovers quarrel.
We all appreciate your co-operation and understanding as being asked to get off the phone may offend you.

Feedback at Evoque Lash Spa:

Your feedback is important to Evoque to ensure they know they are on the right track. All therapists give their best every day and if you would like them to be recognised, or think there is room for improvement, and then please email management with your feedback..

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